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Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance

If whilst working as an Engineer you provide services or advice that results in a financial loss for your client, you could be liable for a compensation claim. With potential damages running into hundreds of thousands of pounds it can mean financial ruin for you and your business. That’s where Cavendish Munro comes in to help you secure an Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance policy to help protect yourself against any unforeseen problems.

Our team at Cavendish Munro excels in finding the right level of cover for your business. By tailoring a policy to your needs, we can help ensure that your business is financially secure should an error occur.

Why Should You Choose Cavendish Munro?

At Cavendish Munro we know the importance of selecting the appropriate level of cover to match your needs. Engineering encompasses a wide range of services such as civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC. It is essential to get the right cover for your business.

We have extensive experience within the Professional Indemnity Insurance industry which means we are able to assess your business, and the potential risks, in order to find a policy to meet your specific requirements – helping to save you time and money.

Because we understand the regulations and requirements needed for each individual cases as well as our relationships with expert underwriters, we are best placed to make sure that you and your business are correctly protected against financial loss.

Understanding Your Exposure

There is a wide range of criteria that underwriters look for when considering a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for an Engineer. Company size, the technology used, the contracts undertaken, as well as any previous claims, are just some of the areas that insurers consider in order to create a bespoke policy for you and your business. The above areas are all weighted differently. For example, an Engineer who works in the oil and gas sector will require a different level of cover compared to one who does not.

You can read further information about the type of Professional Indemnity Insurance policies that we offer by clicking here, or give our specialist team a call now on 020 7264 0545 and we will be happy to ensure that you have the right level of cover for you.

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