Who We Cover

We offer solutions to businesses of all sizes

Who We Cover

Whilst we are a City-based Lloyd’s broker, this does not mean that we only deal with large firms. Our wide access to the various insurers mean that we are just as adept at saving money for small, medium and large businesses.

The insurance market is constantly moving and one of our great strengths is keeping abreast of which insurers have an appetite for which types of business at any given time.

We have a very wide understanding of a very wide range of professions, trades and industries and are well used to dealing firms that are out of the ordinary.

Below is some further information relating to the more traditional, regulated professions for which we cater.  The list is by no means exhaustive and is split into the broad groups that most insurers use to define types of firms which share similar types of work and hence similar types of risk.

It does not matter if your firm does not exactly match the descriptions, as every client that approaches us is dealt with individually to make sure that they get the right kind of cover. (e.g. if you are involved in the design of buildings, but are not an architect, the architects section would still be the most relevant, as the type of risks associated with this work would be similar.)

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