A measured approach

Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance

The RICS has set out a wide ranging set of rules for its members to follow, including a list of insurers which must be used, along with guidance on what limits of indemnity firms must buy and a set of minimum terms which any policy wording must meet.  These regulations only represent a minimum level of cover which firms must carry and it is vital to employ a specialist broker to advise on this matter.

At Cavendish Munro, our brokers understand the needs of surveyors and estate agents and can advise on the various levels of risk that are associated with the different types of work that firms undertake.  We will then approach the most relevant insurers for your risk profile and negotiate the most competitive terms we can.

For non-RICS members, the options for different types of cover are greater, although this can potentially mean more pitfalls.  Our brokers are on-hand to discuss this with you and make sure you get the surveyors professional indemnity insurance cover you need at the right price.

Collateral warranties/duty of care agreements

It is clearly of vital importance that you do not agree to contracts of an unreasonable or onerous nature that leaves your practice with little or no protection should something go wrong. Our specialists at Cavendish Munro can advise you from an insurance perspective on how best to deal with these agreements and negotiate on your behalf with insurers to obtain the best possible cover.

Simply send us a copy of any proposal form you have filled in (you can find our versions here or we can usually work from a form you have completed for your own broker) and one of our brokers will be in touch within 24 hours to help you save money on this year’s renewal of your surveyors professional indemnity insurance.

Alternatively call to speak to one of our specialist team or arrange a visit today on 020 7264 0545

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