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Not every firm fits neatly into the categories that insurers often set out for the traditional professions who have been buying compulsory PI insurance for many years and we have a huge range of options for businesses who want this kind of cover.

In recent years, more and more firms who give advice have been buying professional indemnity insurance, often as a result of demands from their own clients, changes in regulatory body advice or that in an increasingly litigious society, it is simply something that they do not want to work without.

Some insurers supply “Miscellaneous” type policies which are suitable for a wide range of types of work, but increasingly more and more specific policies are becoming available.

With our experienced team and wide range of insurers to approach, we feel we are in a great position to find the right cover for your firm, at the right price.

Simply send us a copy of any proposal form you have filled in (you can find our versions here or we can usually work from a form you have completed for your own broker) and one of our brokers will be in touch within 24 hours to help you save money on this year’s renewal.

Alternatively call to speak to one of our specialist team or arrange a visit today on 020 7264 0545

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