Independent Financial Advisers

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Independent Financial Advisers

Independent Financial Advisers are professional businesses that can vary greatly in terms of size and range of products provided. There are also some operations that offer both insurance broking and financial investment services to their clients. As experienced brokers in this field, we are well used to dealing to with the wide range of firms that approach us to arrange their insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is compulsory and the market has in recent years experienced some difficulty owing to a high volume of claims relating to major issues around pensions, endowments and poor performing investments.  Our independent approach means that we are not tied to one insurer and can search the market for the right cover for your firm, at the right price.

Simply send us a copy of any proposal form you have filled in (you can find our versions here or we can usually work from a form you have completed for your own broker) and one of our brokers will be in touch within 24 hours to help you save money on this year’s renewal.

Alternatively call to speak to one of our specialist team or arrange a visit today on 020 7264 0545

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